We like to enter around the edges and ride the position from the edge to the next level.

If price and order flow are giving clear, cogent signals, yet there is no place for price to run to because it is too close to the next area of support for down-moves - or - resistance for up-moves, then we stand down

While we are standing down from trading, we remain actively involved in analysis.

If price is chopping around a level, we wait.

Trading in chop at a level is an exercise in incubating negative energy.

By using Ludwig Levels, we have a handy, easy graphical tool that allows us to project how price 'should' traverse across price levels.

If price does traverse across price levels as it 'should', then, "Yay!", we follow along.

If price does not traverse across price levels as it 'should' then, "Yay!", we document this information and use it in our analysis so that we are poised and ready to be proactive for the next period where price, market structure, and order flow are congruent.