I absolutely cannot contain my excitement about NinjaTrader 8 enables us as traders to do with just a few clicks of a mouse.

First off, I would like to explain that we began development in preparation for NinjaTrader 8 over a year ago - so we have quite an extensive library of advanced order flow algorithms ready to take advantage of the next generation technical functionality that is baked into NinjaTrader 8.

Luckily, ...sceeto was chosen as one of a select few companies to participate in the very initial testing of NinjaTrader 8 so we have had some time to play with 8.

However, as part of our agreement to get early access to NinjaTrader 8, we have been under 'gag order' which had prohibited use from discussing our findings.

On 19-SEP, Raymond Duex, the CEO of NinjaTrader, released us from this gag order so we can now show you why we are so excited about what NinjaTrader 8 unleashes.

NinjaTrader 8 has some insane capabilities that will allow day traders to have access to advanced order flow algorithms in a class that currently only professional quant shops enjoy.

You see, NinjaTrader 8 has millisecond time stamps accompanied by discrete and stable access to bid\ask data.

These features make granular analysis on your PC of order flow viable.

 NinjaTrader 8 | Screaming Order Flow Processing via our ‘Better Data Suite’

Our Better Data Suite has been engineered specifically for NinjaTrader 8 and is comprised of 3 modules.

Module 1 | Order Flow Bars – Provide real-time visualization about imbalances in Supply & Demand.

Module 2 | Better Forks – Andrew’s Pitchforks which are automatically drawn and updated for you.  These automated forks provide outstanding entry and target locations

Module 3 | Better Levels – The levels provide an extra layer

When these 3 modules are combined they provide a holistic approach to viewing the market as they not only dynamically map out market structure, profit targets, support and resistance levels, they also can pierce into order flow in order to provide you real-time insights into whether the current market structure and price action will be maintained, or if they will crumble.

 A Holistic Approach to Mapping the Market and Managing Trades

The Better Data Suite integrates 3 modules in order to provide a holistic view of the market to enable you to readily understand and maintain the type of situational awareness

Order Flow Bars | Code complete – Functional in NinjaTrader 8.0.05

Better Forks & Better Levels | Code complete – Functionality is pending a NinjaTrader bug fix with regards to NinjaTrader’s Chart Drawing Object to function.  The NinjaTrader development team has completed the fix for this bug and anticipates the release of this fix in the next beta version 8.0.06.

Taken together, these 3 modules provides you with a market structure map that provides trade entry locations corroborated by order flow, and likely targets.

A few of our customers have gotten their hands on our new Order Flow Bars, which are part of our new Better Data Suite for NinjaTrader 8 and they are going bonkers.

"I have gone through about a week's worth of charts, and so far THESE BARS LOOK AMAZING!"

"I am pretty much blown away."

"I spent 7 hrs yesterday going over the NQ and ES chart with Order Flow Bars....Users of MktDelta and OFA may be converting."

"So far I am drooling."

 NinjaTrader 8 | What the fuss is all about...

Well, well, well…the day is finally here.   The beta of NinjaTrader 8 is now available.

And the traders that I know who have tinkered with it are salivating.

NinjaTrader 8 has some insane capabilities that will allow day traders to have access to advanced order flow algorithms in a class that currently only professional quant shops enjoy.

You see, NinjaTrader 8 has millisecond time stamps accompanied by discrete and stable access to bid\ask data.

These features make granular analysis of order flow viable.

We have completed our prototype of our new Order Flow Bars and they run very fast, and are very accurate using the NinjaTrader 8 beta.

Order Flow Bars allow you instant information about imbalances in Supply & Demand.

Imbalances in Supply & Demand are the driving factor in the Price Discovery process.

You can use Order Flow Bars to enter an existing trend, trade reversals, and scalp to your heart’s content.

The gallery below contains a sneak preview of Order Flow Bars in NinjaTrader 8.  

These screenshots show how to enter an existing trend using Order Flow Bars. 

This approach combines the Elliott Wave concept of an A-B-C Corrective Wave & Order Flow Exhaustion.

In these examples there is an existing trend, and then an A-B-C corrective wave plays out.

You will notice that at the apex of the C portion of the A-B-C wave, our Order Flow Bars show exhaustion in the tape (order flow).

This counter-trend exhaustion sets up the resumption of the trend.

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How cool is that?

These new Order Flow Bars answer the age old question, “How do I safely enter an existing trend just at the right tick?”

…sceeto lens for NinjaTrader 8 is comprised of 3 modules.   2 modules focus on market structure and 1 module focuses on order flow.

Taken together, these 3 modules provides you with a market structure map that provides trade entry locations corroborated by order flow, and likely targets.

We have completed the bulk of the development for the Order Flow Bars module and are working on the remaining 2 modules – which will automatically define market structure and price extensions.

 Want Early Access?

If you would like a 50% discount on a lifetime license of …sceeto lens for NinjaTrader 8 you can pre-purchase a lifetime license for $995. 

Once we launch our offering, we are estimating tha lifetime licenses will be offered between $2,995 and $3,995

Those who elect to pre-purchase a lifetime license will have access to the software once the 3 modules are completed which will be during the NinjaTrader 8 beta period.

First, the data feeds did not provide millisecond time stamps nor did they allow for calculations that could include discrete inside bid and ask data at that level of granularity.

As the market leader in order flow monitoring algorithms, we here at sceeto have been dealing with this very discrete data for over a decade and have tremendous insights into how to write algorithms that can sniff out actionable insights from this data.

Prior to the release of NinjaTrader 8, we began creating a new suite of algorithms that would leverage the power of NinjaTrader 8.

The color coding that you see here is part of a suite of algorithms that we are readying for release.

This kind of data analysis will expose you to advantages that were previously unavailable to the general public.

Here's a breakout of a wedge in today's ES as visualized via our Better Data Bars, which take advantage of all that NinjaTrader 8 has to offer in terms of millisecond time stamps:

ES Wedge Breakout 22 SEP 2015



Sign up for lifetime subscription

  • Lifetime License$2,995.00
  • Early Adopter Lifetime Subscription (66.66% Discount) = $998.53

Required software: 

  • NinjaTrader or greater (Beta)
  • Data Feed with millisecond tick data (DTN IQfeed, CQG, Continuum etc)

After you have completed the process you will receive an e-mail with download and installation instructions.

If you need assistance with installing BDS please schedule a time here.

2015 is the watershed year for Day Traders.

Back in 2000, which is 15 friggin years ago, due to the pop of the internet bubble, 'Day Trading' became an ugly term, and an even uglier profession.

To that, I say, 'Screw You'.

I am a Day Trader, and I am proud of it.

As a Day Trader, I am not a gambler, and I am not a get rich quick schemer.

I am a very conservative businessperson.   I have specific risk tolerances for all of my activities.  

These risk tolerances are managed programatically so the human emotion is unable to interfere.

I close all of my positions before I leave the office each day so I have no risk exposure when I am not at my desk.

How many business owners can state that?

I am a Day Trader, and I am proud of it.

I think that we are living in the golden age of Day Trading.

Now that trading activities have moved from the pits to the electronic exchanges, the quantity, and quality of market data has gone through the roo,

Now that this super clean market data is available to the masses, those who posses advanced algorithms that can ferret through this data and suss out actionable intelligence, have a significant information advantage.

I believe that we have just such an information advantage.

Wanna know how?



Everyone in my home is either just getting over a cold, in the midst of a cold, or at the onset of a cold - except me.

One of my son's came down with a cold while I was away at a conference in Denver last weekend.

If I had been home, he would have gotten the same treatment that I am employing on my other son who just woke up with a scratchy throat.

There are two primary components to avoiding colds, and for me, avoiding the diminished work capacity that the common cold engenders.

1)  Keep your body warm at all times

My accupuncturist, who is one of the oldest souls that I know, let me in on the insights about keeping your body warm at all times.  Catching a cold, has a lot to do with your body being cold.  Drafts on overly exposed skin is a culprit.

I live in the mountains of Vermont...so it is frequently cold here.   But I don't avoid the cold, I just keep myself bundled up with layers.  

I wear long johns all year long except during July and August - and even during these month's I may were them to sleep in.

I wear something around my neck all year long except during July and August.  I even sleep with a scarf or a buff around my neck.


What is TradeOps?

TradeOps is an automated Trade recommandation service.


How Does TradeOps Work?

A Trade Ops Trader will call trades on their local machine. The trade information is sent to to our ...sceeto TradeOps Network in the cloud. The Network distributes the information to our TradeOps Customers. The ...sceeto client on the customer's machine will inject the trade data directly into NinjaTrader. This archictecure allows our customres to mirror the Trades of our TradeOps Traders with a high degree of accuracy.


Who is calling the TradeOps trades?

Carl Weiss, Chief Algorithmic Architect of ...sceeto, will be calling the TradeOps trades. We envision eventually expanding and having multiple TradeOps Traders calling trades. Each trader would manage their own TradeOps "subcription ng strategysymbol", with a specific Tradi . Carl will call Trades on the "ES.CW.1" subscription symbol.


What is Carl's Trading Strategy for TradeOps?

Carl will trade right shoulders, ABC corrective waves via the elliot wave model and  his GoBars with the aid of his ...sceeto algorithms and other inhouse code to assist him.

Carl will use a single contract at a time. He will not scale into positions. He will enter the market with a stop of 8 ticks, and a target of 8 ticks. He will amend the stops and targets as the trade progresses. He will avoid trading within a 6 minute corridor around major economic announcements. Major economic announcements are defined as any any announcement listed on http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/economic-calendar/ that are denoted as 'Market Moving Indicator'. This trading strategy is specific to the ES.CW.1 subscription symbol.


What is Carl's trading experience?

none of your business.


How many subscription symbols are available?

When we launch TradeOps there will only be once subscription symbol available.

Carl Weiss will be the Tradeops Trader managing the subscription symbol ES.CW.1

This subscription symbol will trade the e-Mini S&P 500 forward futures contract. 


What markets does TradeOps trade?

Initially TradeOps will only be trading the e-Mini S&P 500 futures market.


How do I set up TradeOps?

The installation procedure is very well documented here(insert link). We also provide installation free assistance for free trial subscribers of TradeOps.

A TradeOps set-up conisists of:

Installing and configuring the ...sceeto client, installing and configuring a NinjaTrader Strategy.


Can I cancel/amend trades?

Yes, Trades can be cancelled or amended. The software is written to automically copy actions taken by the TradeOps Trader ( entering and exiting trades, Stop and target adjustment, etc.)

The software is programed to disable the TradeOps stragey when a customer interacts with a TradeOps trade. When the TradeOps Strategy is disabled, No more trade information will be recived by the customer's machine. It is possible to once agin enable the strategy after it has been disabled.


What other features does the TradeOps software have?

The software has a variety features to handle many scenarios that can play out on the market. The HUD (Heads-Up Display) will 


What times will TradeOps trading ocurr?

Trading for will take place Monday through Thursday and begin as early as 8:00 am and trade until the close at 4:15 pm. The times specified are in Eastern Time.


Will economic announcements be traded?

The subscription symbol ES.CW.1 will avoid trading withing a 6 minute corridor around major economic announcements.

Major economic announcements are defined as any any announcement listed on http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/economic-calendar/ that are denoted as 'Market Moving Indicator'.


When will TradeOps trade other markets?

Currently, Carl will be the only TradeOps trader. He will be Trading the e-Mini S&P 500. We do not have insight as to when we will ahve more TradeOps traders or TradeOps offerings for other markets. Would you like to be notified when TradeOps expands its offerings? Please fill out this survey.