What is TradeOps?

TradeOps is an automated Trade recommandation service.


How Does TradeOps Work?

A Trade Ops Trader will call trades on their local machine. The trade information is sent to to our ...sceeto TradeOps Network in the cloud. The Network distributes the information to our TradeOps Customers. The ...sceeto client on the customer's machine will inject the trade data directly into NinjaTrader. This archictecure allows our customres to mirror the Trades of our TradeOps Traders with a high degree of accuracy.


Who is calling the TradeOps trades?

Carl Weiss, Chief Algorithmic Architect of ...sceeto, will be calling the TradeOps trades. We envision eventually expanding and having multiple TradeOps Traders calling trades. Each trader would manage their own TradeOps "subcription ng strategysymbol", with a specific Tradi . Carl will call Trades on the "ES.CW.1" subscription symbol.


What is Carl's Trading Strategy for TradeOps?

Carl will trade right shoulders, ABC corrective waves via the elliot wave model and  his GoBars with the aid of his ...sceeto algorithms and other inhouse code to assist him.

Carl will use a single contract at a time. He will not scale into positions. He will enter the market with a stop of 8 ticks, and a target of 8 ticks. He will amend the stops and targets as the trade progresses. He will avoid trading within a 6 minute corridor around major economic announcements. Major economic announcements are defined as any any announcement listed on http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/economic-calendar/ that are denoted as 'Market Moving Indicator'. This trading strategy is specific to the ES.CW.1 subscription symbol.


What is Carl's trading experience?

none of your business.


How many subscription symbols are available?

When we launch TradeOps there will only be once subscription symbol available.

Carl Weiss will be the Tradeops Trader managing the subscription symbol ES.CW.1

This subscription symbol will trade the e-Mini S&P 500 forward futures contract. 


What markets does TradeOps trade?

Initially TradeOps will only be trading the e-Mini S&P 500 futures market.


How do I set up TradeOps?

The installation procedure is very well documented here(insert link). We also provide installation free assistance for free trial subscribers of TradeOps.

A TradeOps set-up conisists of:

Installing and configuring the ...sceeto client, installing and configuring a NinjaTrader Strategy.


Can I cancel/amend trades?

Yes, Trades can be cancelled or amended. The software is written to automically copy actions taken by the TradeOps Trader ( entering and exiting trades, Stop and target adjustment, etc.)

The software is programed to disable the TradeOps stragey when a customer interacts with a TradeOps trade. When the TradeOps Strategy is disabled, No more trade information will be recived by the customer's machine. It is possible to once agin enable the strategy after it has been disabled.


What other features does the TradeOps software have?

The software has a variety features to handle many scenarios that can play out on the market. The HUD (Heads-Up Display) will 


What times will TradeOps trading ocurr?

Trading for will take place Monday through Thursday and begin as early as 8:00 am and trade until the close at 4:15 pm. The times specified are in Eastern Time.


Will economic announcements be traded?

The subscription symbol ES.CW.1 will avoid trading withing a 6 minute corridor around major economic announcements.

Major economic announcements are defined as any any announcement listed on http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/economic-calendar/ that are denoted as 'Market Moving Indicator'.


When will TradeOps trade other markets?

Currently, Carl will be the only TradeOps trader. He will be Trading the e-Mini S&P 500. We do not have insight as to when we will ahve more TradeOps traders or TradeOps offerings for other markets. Would you like to be notified when TradeOps expands its offerings? Please fill out this survey.

Questions about TradeOps?

E-mail Support@sceeto.zendesk.com

You must have a segregated account for your TradeOps subscription.

Below are the components of the initial offering for TO.BD.S1:

Trade size = Scaling up to 3 ES contracts
Margin Alignment with CME Margin $5,060 (3 x $5,060)  = $15,180
Daily Maximum Loss =  $750
Monthly Subscription  = $395


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