THE TICK OF DEATH (Is Your Trading Buddy)

Tick of Death [Defined]- When a recent pivot is breached by 1 or 2 ticks and then price immediately reverses.

The dreaded, Tick of Death, which has plagued traders for eons, can morph from being the evil event that ruins your day, to your best friend.

The Tick of Death is a 'Head's Up' for a Reversal play where you can readily deploy a bot for a either a quick trade, or potentially a new trend where you can enjoy a longer trade.

In the screenshot below, which shows a 5 tick ES range bar chart on the left, and a 3 tick range bar chart on the right, your Book Pressure audio alert would have been a catalyst for you to look at your ES chart.

In this example, you have both strong Conclusionary Price Action evidence via the Tick of Death, and also strong Conclusionary Order Flow evidence, via the huge Book Pressure reading.

Let's utilize the NinjaBot Deployment Workflow (Alert >> Assess >>Activate), for this setup: