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Download (zip, 286 KB)

To install NinjaBots, download the file, "" file and save it to a known location, such as your Downloads folder.
Open the NinjaTrader 8 Control Center. 

If you have a previous version of NinjaBots installed you must first remove the existing NinjaScript Assembly:

You can do this from the NinjaTrader Control Center by going to Tools > Remove NinjaScript Assembly...> Sceeto2018nnnn_NT8.


Then click Remove, then click Yes.

To Install NinjaBots

From the Control Center window select the menu Tools > ImportNinjaScript Add-On... to open the "Import" dialog window.

Select the file, "" from where you save it - likely your Downloads folder.

Press the "Import" button.

The installation includes both a chart template and a NinjaBots strategy template.

NinjaBots are made exclusively for NinjaTrader 8.

Currently NinjaBots can be run on range bars only.

The installation of NinjaBots includes a bevy of templates:

To install the Chart template, right-click on any Range Bar chart, select Templates > Load > NinjaBots - Use on Range Bars > Load.

To install the Strategy template, you must first insall a Strategy.

To install a Strategy right click on your NinjaBots range bar chart and Stratgies.From the Strategies window double-click ...Sceeto - NinjaBots.

In order to run your NinjaBots, the Strategy must be Enabled.

There are 2 ways to enable your strategy:

1.  Click the 'Enabled' box in the Strategy's Properties menu:

NinjaBots Order FLow Trading Bots Enabled

2. Within the Controls Centers Strategies tab click the 'Enabled' box:

NinjaBots Order FLow Trading Bots Control Center Enabled

AUDIO ALERTS - If you would like to leverage order flow order flow alerts, please review this page.

For Pro Users

To enable your NinjaBots to trade using your live trading account, select your preferred account via the, "Account" drop-down menu:


Using NinjaBots with active brokerage accounts is available via the Pro version.

If you would like to go pro, please reach out to use here: