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Updated Better Data Suite for NinjaTrader 8

Note to existing Better Data Suite traders | If you have not updated to the current NinjaTrader 8 beta build please do so prior to installing the Better Data Suite.

The Better Data Suite is available at an "Early Adopter" discount HERE.

If you would like assistance with the installation of the Better Data Suite, please schedule a time here.

There is a two step installaion process.  Please ensure that NinjaTrader 8 is closed prior to initiating the installation.

1) Download the file, 'betterdatasuiteDD-MM-YYYY.exe'.

2) Close Ninja 8 if running.

3) Double-click on the file, and follow the steps in the installation wizard.

4) Launch NinjaTrader 8.

5) If previous versions of The Better Data Suite are installed, please remove them from Ninja 8 via Control Center > Tools > Remove NinjaScript -> remove 'SceetoBetterNT8' and 'SceetoBetter***' if present.

5) Go to Control Center > Tools > Import > NinjaScript...

6) Navigate to c:\sceeto and import the file, 'SceetoBetterNT8'.


7) Restart NinjaTrader 8.

Known Bug - Chart Drawing Objects | Affects Better Forks & Better Levels

Caution | You will be installing an interim beta build of the Better Data Suite.  

There is a known issue with NinjaTrader 8's Chart Drawing Objects that may render the Better Bars and Better Levels unstable, this build is an interim build to test what, if any issues may remain. Please let us know of any issues you encounter with this version, as well as sending your Ninja 8 log file, and system specs and Windows version.

You can find information about your system and OS version from "Start" -> right click on "Computer" -> Properties

Tick Replay

In order to generate the output of the Order Flow Bars, you will need to have Tick Replay enabled on the chart's Data Series.

You must enable the Tick Replay function so that it is exposed in the Data Series dialogue box.

To do this go to Control Center > Tools > Options > Market Data


To enable Tick Replay on a chart, open the Data Series dialogue box and check the box, 'Tick Replay'.


Backfilling Historical Tick Data

You can tinker away with the Better Data Suite's Order Flow Bars if you have historical tick data.

NinjaTrader 8 will has an easy way to back-fill historical tick data:

How to Download Historical Data

To download historical data first make sure NinjaTrader is connected and historical data is available from your data provider.

1 Select an instrument for data to be downloaded. (Tip: You may also select an instrument list)

2 Select the desired Start and End date range

3 Select the desired Intervals and Data Types.  Ensure that you have Tick, Ask, Bid, Last fact, check them all for good measure:






4 Press the "Download" button to begin the download


A message in the bottom right of the Historical Data Window will appear and display the status of the download.

To cancel a historical data request close the Historical Data Window window.

Note: If you already have historical data for an instrument, please be sure to only select a date range in which your data provider offers historical data. If you choose a range older than what your data provider offers you may lose any data you had stored on those dates in that range outside of what your data provider offers.



If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to open up a help desk ticket here.