It is preferred to trade only when order flow and price have confirmed that traders are trapped.

If traders are trapped, their efforts to free themselves of their losing positions will have an immediate and direct impact on the price discovery process.

It is this energy of the trapped traders who are struggling to get out of their positions that we pre-position our Sceetos to capture.

When the following events occur, they signal potentially trapped traders.

2 SD Engulfing Sweep Significant Book Pressure Significant Sweep.

If price moves below the price where these potentially Conclusionary events occured, then our designations of 'potentially' trapped traders and 'potential' conclusionary order flow, change to 'confirmed' trapped traders and 'confirmed' conclusionary order flow.

If price is coming into known Resistance:

Look for Conclusionary Order Flow Your Conclusionary Order Flow Alerts should be triggered at, or near, Major Resistance.

It is the act of price piercing the prior order flow event that confirms the designations of 'Trapped Traders' and 'Conclusionary Order Flow'.

If price does not pierce the area of the conclusionary order flow event, then the event remains categorized as 'potential'. Deploy Short Order Flow with Pivot Bot.

Keep in mind that the more extreme order flow reading in Sweep and Book Pressure, the better.

BEST PRACTICE REMINDER - Listen for, and look for, Conclusionary Order Flow on larger size range bar charts while deploying Sceetos on smaller size range bar charts.

This will allow you to identify strong conlusionary on the larger charts while pouncing on the smaller range bar charts once new fuel is identified in the order book.

Your Sceeto will identify this new fuel in real-time and will immediately pounce.