Algo Futures

Algo Futures | Our preferred algorithm developer

Algo Futures is an R&D skunkworks whose primary mission is to continually gain a better understanding of how changes in Order Flow affect changes in Price.

Some of our Order Flow Momentum Intellectual Property is surfaced on in the form of our WOW Indices.

The WOW Indices are composed from the outputs of some of our real-time SP 500, Dow 30, STOXX 50, & Crude electronic futures order flow momentum interpretation algorithms.

Here at Algo Futures, we build software that harvests actionable intelligence from the primary and recurring driving force behind short-term Price Discovery in the electronic futures market, which is Order Flow as an output of Automated Program Trading.

Our efforts have since yielded an extensive and mature library of software based Intellectual Property in and around the monitoring of Order Flow, Program Trading and Transaction Level Analysis (TLA).

We began developing algorithms to monitor the strength and momentum of Order Flow in the electronic futures markets in December of 2003.

Algo Futures maintains its own proprietary R&D platform, dubbed, Tangiers.

If you are interested in a strategic partnership with Algo Futures please contact us.