Sierra Chart - Financial Market Charting and Trading Software


Pricing & Subscribing to SceetoBots for Sierra Chart...

SceetoBots includes:

  • SceetoBots Designer
  • SceetoBots Launch Pad
  • Order Flow Congruence
  • Tape Meter
  • MacDaddy
  • Range Expansion
  • Momentum Alert
  • Unlimited SceetoBots


Sweep and Book Pressure are available as add-on package for $47/market/month/computer.

To subscribe, log in to your account here.

Video instruction on how to choose the # of markets, # of machine, and Intra-Bar Algos here:


Pricing & Subscribing to NinjaBots...


Currently, NinjaBots is free to use in SIM101.  If you would like to attach NinjaBots to your funded brokerage account, you can subscribe by logging into your account here.

For live trading accounts, during our launch period, you can subscribe to NinjaBots for $98.88/month ($100/month savings).

After our launch period concludes, you will be able to subscribe to NinjaBots for $198.00 month.

Consulting Services...

If you would like insights into how to use our order flow algorithms and/or our trading bots, we offer consulting services for $100/hour.

For more information about services, please reach out to us here.