Engulfing Sweep is Very Powerful - Please Consider Spending Time Reviewing Engulfing Sweeps

Engulfing Sweep can be used in both Breach Trades and also on Pivots.

Engulfing Sweep pivots that are immediately preceded by a 2 SD TR (the large **yellow** dot) are insanely powerful.

The Engulfing Sweep algo surfaces Sweeps that engulf an extreme amount of transactions across the order book. The sweeping of the order book is one of the primary order flow tells that we use in our trading.

This sweeping can signify a tradeable change in direction in the market.

This type of order flow information is something that algos do a good job of surfacing and more importantly, bots do a good job of taking advantage of.

The default setting for Engulfing Sweep is a colored border around a Candlestick Range Bar.

It is recommended to modify some of your candlestick properties and chart properties in order for the colored border around your candlestick bar to show a color offset that is easy on your eyes.

Here are some color configurations that I find useful.