The NinjaBots Deployment Console is a touch-screen and mouse friendly interface traders use to deploy and manage their NinjaBots.

All green buttons are long bots.

All red buttons are short bots.

There are 2 primary deployment approaches for NinjaBots.

1)  Current Bar Bots - These bots will turn themselves off if their entry signals are not met on the on the bar that was in-progress when they were deployed.

There are 6 Current Bar NinjaBots.

2) 1 & Done Bots - These 4 bots will turn themselves off once their signals are met. 

Unlike the 'Current Bar' bots, these bots will stay on and orbit the market until a signal occurs, or the trader turns the bot off prior to a signal occurring. 

Hence, they trade once, and they are done. 

Once they are 'done' the trader will need to be turn them back on if they see another opportunity.  

There are four 1 & Done NinjaBots.