Carl Weiss – Founder & Chief Algo Architect

Carl is a family man who is obsessed with tape reading.

Carl’s complementary talents of strong tape reading skills and software development has uncovered non-random behavior between Order Flow and Chaotic Price Series (CPS) within the electronic futures markets.

His primary drive and focus is to expand the efforts that have yielded an extensive and mature library of software based Intellectual Property in and around the monitoring of Order Flow via Transaction Level Analysis (TLA).

Some of the algorithms that Carl has developed are MacDaddy, Buy Programs Waning, Sell Programs Waning, Bids Replenished, Offers Replenished, WIND (Weiss Intermarket Neutrality Detector), Trade Direction Gauge, True Reckoning, Tidal Flow, and Order Book Swept.

His current responsibility at ...sceeto is to ensure that ...sceeto's architecture remains robust enough to manage the ever increasing amounts of market data, and to continually improve the intellect of ...sceeto's core algorithms.

Prior to launching ...sceeto, Carl founded Algo Futures in 2006 as a vehicle to mange the growing library of order flow algorithms that he began developing in December 2003.  

Carl has over almost 20 years of active day trading experience and over a decade of maniacal focus on writing order flow algorithms and studying their output.

Prior to founding Algo Futures, Carl was President of IRIS, a software development and systems integration firm specializing in Clinical Data Processing for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.  

Carl is also CEO of TradeOps, a trade data dissemination vehicle that allows clients to take advantage of short-term trading opportunities even if they have no prior exposure to, or understanding of, order flow.

Carl brings over 15 years of software experience to our team.  He has delivered software solutions for some of the world’s most influential companies such as Bloomberg, Travelers, Citibank, Thomson Financial,  Pfizer, Merck, and DuPont.