Use Book Pressure to trade at Breach Points as significant Book Pressure at a Breach Point infers price continuation

Use NinjaBot - Pressure with Price Pivot

Conclusionary Order Flow - Once a trend is mature and come into the zone of it's known resistance or support

New Fuel for a Trend

Areas where price should be supported

Book Pressure allows for real-time measurement of buying and selling pressure within a market’s order book.

Book Pressure is very sensitive intra-bar. It is ideal for monitoring when price is in either an area of likely reversal, or an area of potential breakout.

Extended Book Pressure is the Maximum absolute value of Book Pressure intra-bar.

Extended Book Pressure is color coded depending upon the close of the range bar.

If the range bar closes up, then Extended Book Pressure is Positive and is colored purple.

If the range bar closes down, then Extended Book Pressure is Negative and is colored orange.