Within the video, I think that you may find the conversations on the topics we discussed below, very interesting:

  • Order flow in Gold at a Fork & Ludwig Level
  • Oder flow 'tells' in a wedge
  • Configuring trading bots on-the-fly
  • A review of the British Pound, and of the Canadian Dollar
  • Using forks for strong target to stop ratios
  • Using order flow to determine targets
We are working towards keeping the morning briefings fairly tight, with a focous on specific trades, specific bots, follow up from prior day's trades, and timely publishing of recordings of the briefings.
What Hybrid Trading Bots are we going to deploy today?

Join us Tuesday & Wednesday morning, 09 & 10 MAY-2017 @ 8:00 AM ET, to review the primary futures markets, their structure, potential price trajectories, and what configurable trading bots might be applicable for the day's environment. 

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