SceetoBots allows for may different deployment configurations.   You have the flexibility to deploy multiple bots simultaneously even if you do not want all the bots to trade.

For instance, your analysis indicates that the market is about to go down...but when and how it is going to go down is not a certainty.

In this case, you can deploy a handful of different short bots, and whichever short bot's order flow and/or price action rules are met first, it will engage in a trade - while simultaneously informing all of the other deployed bots to 'Stand Down'.

I frequently use different bots.  I can deploy one bot with a sequence of order flow events that frequently occur just prior to the market going down but do not always occur.  And, simultaneously deploy another bot that is looking for a different sequence of order flow events that occur just prior to the market going down.

This way I have multiple bots out there hunting down different things, but they won't step on each other, or over-step on my account.

I hope that you find this stuff as interesting as I do.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me here.

P.S. - Here is a video that shows the Stand Down function turning off 7 bots after 1 bot fires.