Rule 1 - Do not buy Bottoms or Tops.

Instead of buying bottoms, it is the job of the traders to inspect bottoms for both Conclusionary Order Flow and Material Price Excursion.

We use a bottom, which would become the 'Head' of a Head and Shoulders, as an indication that it is now ok to start trading to the long side.   

It is a very healthy and easy habit to not buy bottoms.   

If you do not buy bottoms, will never find yourself in a series of unecessary stops-out across a series of lower-lows.

If the bottom has both Conclusionary Order Flow and Material Price Excursion, then the trader is in a safer position to successfully trade the sequence of the Right Shoulder > Breach of Neckline > ABC Retracements and Conclusionary Order Flow Breaches.

Best to put your trading efforts, energies, and capital in the right place.

Hope this helps.