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I have found that order flow algorithms, particularly Book Pressure, can draw a 'line in the sand' that specifically demarcates where traders will be trapped if price revisits and passes through this area.

In this video we show real-time deployment of semi-automated hybrid trading bots that take advantage of these 'lines in the sand':

The insight into configuring bots in NinjaTrader to trade breaches is to remove the requirement that the bots need a price pivot to engage.

There are 3 articles in our online Bot Deployment Users Guide that delve deeper into the nuances of breach trading.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me here.

P.S. - I have also developed a suite of BreachBots for Sierra Chart that are pretty cool.   We have not yet begun to sell these bots, but I use them in my own trading. 

If you would to test out these Breach Bots for Sierra Chart, please send me your Sierra Chart or InfinityAT Account name by submitting a ticket here and I will set you up.

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Carl Weiss
Algorithmic Architect @ ...sceeto

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