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As an R&D shop, we spend a lot of time building software to test the ideas of our traders and quants. 

Test servers have a tendency to multiply...which means increased overhead.

Setting Up a Lightsail Server...


Here's a breakdown Lessons Learned from hosting servers:

Colo server from SpeedyTradingServers:
Pros - Great stability, service and speed.
Cons - A good value for a production trading server but too expensive for day-in/day-out testing.

Inexpensive Hosting Shop:
Pros - Good prices and quick provisioning
Cons - Limited support - Server hosting admin support is critical as the Sceeto transactional middleware between Python and Sierra Chart and Sceeto, dubbed 'SceetoPy' is somewhat complex and can need some server tweaks from the hosting company

Amazon AWS EC2:
Pros - It's AWS so everything is available at your fingertips
Cons - It's AWS so everything is available at your fingertips Expensive to leave running.

Amazon AWS Lighsail:
Pros - It's AWS so everything is available at your fingertips   Lightsail is much cheaper to leave running than EC2 Lightsail is much easier to provision and administer than EC2.
Cons - We'll know after a few days of running this box...but so far, so good.
If you have any questions or insights regarding test servers and colo servers, please reach out to me at https://sceeto.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Go to https://sceeto.com and take a ride on a bot or two.

All the best,


Carl Weiss
Algorithmic Architect @ ...sceeto

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