You’re looking at the June 2017 Gold futures contract.

The color coding and the trades that you see on this chart where generated by SceetoBots….

As you may know, Sceeto, which was launched half a decade ago in 2012, was the first cloud based order flow analysis platform.

What you see here, in the form of SceetoBots, is the next generation of Sceeto, and the culmination of everything that we have learned from our own trading, and from our customers over the last 5 years.

What we have learned from digging into the output of order flow algorithms, and from what many of our customers have also experienced, is that though trades based on order flow are great…they frequently occur too quickly for a mere humanoid to consistently capture.

Order flow information comes with sub-second time stamps and what happens within order flow at the sub-second level, such as

The rate of change or order flow, or

The pace with which orders get replenished in the book

Or the seemingly erratic pattern in the way that price fluctuates to the naked eye,

are really good ‘tells’ from order flow about the potential future direction of price.

Though sub-second order flow data is rich with actionable information…the speed with which a trader has to act upon it, is also frequently sub-second.

To counter this issue…we have automated the most essential components of trading into our SceetoBots.

SceetoBots are re-configurable automated trading bots that will follow any myriad of trading rules – without computer programming - predicated on order flow, and/or, price action.

The new approach to trading, which combines both a mix of a trader’s experience, instinct and knowledge, with an automated trading bot, we call hybrid trading.

With our SceetoBots, the next generation of trading will enable traders to focus on pattern recognition, market structure, and defining the appropriate trading strategy for a given market at a given time to the humanoid trader, while leaving the automated execution of that strategy to a SceetoBots.

A bot that will not second guess, that will not flinch, and will not get distracted.

Within the video, I think that you may find the conversations on the topics we discussed below, very interesting:

  • Order flow in Gold at a Fork & Ludwig Level
  • Oder flow 'tells' in a wedge
  • Configuring trading bots on-the-fly
  • A review of the British Pound, and of the Canadian Dollar
  • Using forks for strong target to stop ratios
  • Using order flow to determine targets
We are working towards keeping the morning briefings fairly tight, with a focous on specific trades, specific bots, follow up from prior day's trades, and timely publishing of recordings of the briefings.
What Hybrid Trading Bots are we going to deploy today?

Join us Tuesday & Wednesday morning, 09 & 10 MAY-2017 @ 8:00 AM ET, to review the primary futures markets, their structure, potential price trajectories, and what configurable trading bots might be applicable for the day's environment. 

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All the best,

Carl Weiss
Algorithmic Architect @ ...sceeto

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The following screenshot shows both intra-bar order flow analysis in the S&P 500 futures contract (ES) and inter-market order flow analysis  amongst the equity components of the S&P 500, via WIND.

In this example, as the demand based order flow that is transpiring across all the equity components of hte S&P 500 back off, the selling pressure in ES order book immediately surfaces, as shown by our algo, 'Book Pressure'.

I surmise that this is due to arbuitrage bots firing off.

ES Order Flow 05 MAY 2017 Sierra Chart Sceeto SceetoBots

I hope that you find this as fascinating as I do.