Throughout 2014 there has been an incredible amount of activity in ...sceeto labs.

Hidden from public view, our growing team, has been working feverishly in our labs to develop a suite of new order flow algorithms and services that we are pretty sure will blow you away.

We now are preparing to roll out from our ...sceeto labs multiple, significant upgrades to our offerings, which will include:

  • ...sceeto TradeOps | A new trade signal services in the coming weeks
  • ...sceeto lens | A a new holistic approach to trading that integrates market structure, price action, and order flow
  • Trade Direction Gauge | Allows for an underlying 'tell' when a micro-pivot will hold and allow for a new trend | Crazy, huh?
  • True Data Bars | Upgrade
  • | Upgrade

In order to accomplish the management of the distribution of much of this data, we have upgraded our entire ...sceeto data delivery network.

A key part of the ...sceeto data delivery network upgrade is the ...sceeto client that you are running locally on your PC.

The ...sceeto client that you run on your machine is the gateway for your access to ...sceeto data.

Now that we are readying the launch of our extended services, your new ...sceeto client (v 3.0.72) will enable you to access this additional data.

We are very excited about the suite of algorithms and offerings that we will be launching, and appreciate your ongoing support.

Please upgrade your ...sceeto client as soon as possible.  This is a mandatory upgrade as we will soon be de-commissioning our current ...sceeto data network.

We will decommision the Current ...sceeto data network on December 31st.

If you have not upgraded to the new client you will not be able to receive sceeto data.

 you can Downloadthe installation artifacts from the link below:

The Installation Intructions are also available at that link

I wish you and your families a healthy, happy, fun, and prosperous 2015.

All the best,