A Jack of Small Trades




As SceetoBots is quite a large package, the best way to get your head around what it does, and what it can do, may be a quick overview of the components that comprise SceetoBots.

This video touches briefly on: Designer Panel \\ Where a trader can create trading bots with no programming.

SceetoBots Dashboard \\ Reporting tool that provides a high-level of a bots assessment.

Launch Pad \\ Where a trader can immediately deploy one or more bots.

Book Pressure \\ Order Flow Algo that plots the buying and selling pressure in the order book.

Sweep \\ Order Flow Algo that plots the magnitude of sweeps of the order book.

+++ A whole lot more.

Sceeto Hire A Bot Ninja Angle 250x250
Good example of why bots are more disciplined than humans...

The SceetoBots circled the trade for about 50 minutes until one of them fired. 

This video review order flow tells that precipitate price action going in a straight line - which is most trader's preferred route after an entry.

We spend a lot of time building algos to hunt down this stuff.