Sceeto and Shared Solutuions are moving further north in Vermont.
Come on up and see me some time.
My new Research & Development campus, carl.Farm opens at dawn on 09-APR-2021.

Be Free.
A view south @ 1360'
carl.Farm is lovingly tucked deep within the Mount Podunk Nature Preserve.
C'mon up and see me sometime...


Sceeto has always been, first and foremost, an R&D skunkworks.

However, in order to maintain our ability to invest in R&D while also managing SceetoProp, we are not bringing on new clients at this time.

If you are interested in partnering with us on collaborative R&D, please send Carl a note to support@sceeto.com.

Please provide an outline of what type of work you are currently excited about and what skills/resources you would like to bring to an R&D endeavor.