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Friday, Nov 28th

How Do I Show Short Names In Order Flow Monitor?

To surface only the abbreviations of Order Flow Events (e.g. - Buy Programs Waning = BPW) right-click on your NinjaTrader chart and select "Indicators".

In the Indicators window, highlight the appropriate indicator (for example " ...sceeto 2.0 | S&P 500 | Order Flow Monitor"), and from the Parameters list on the right, choose  "1. Show Short Names".


By default, this parameter is set to "False". Set this parameter to "True", click "Apply" and the indicator will switch to abbreviations.


How Do I Set An Alert?


Both Order Flow Monitor and True Reckoning have alerts.

We will be adding alerts to our other indicators.
The default path to Ninja audio files is C:\Program Files\Ninja Trader 7\Sounds.
To establish audio alerts, right-click on the Ninja chart, choose Indicators,
and select the indicator for which you would like to set an alert. Next, enter the name of the file in your Ninja sounds folder, e.g.:


Note: You can add your own audio (WAV) files to this folder and simply type in the name of your audio file.

Can I use any bar size or time frame with ...sceeto?

...sceeto puts a time stamp on our data up on the ...sceeto cloud.  The ...sceeto client then works with your NinjaTrader application to marry the data to the correct time\place on your price chart.

Neither application has a preference for when\where you marry the data with price - so feel free to use a 20 second chart.

We frame our work with a 4 tick range bar chart for ES as this is the chart setting that we use on the ...sceeto cloud, and also because it offers very good tick level insight into when order flow can have an affect on price.

What size range bar should I use?

ES = 4 tick range bar | S&P 500

CL = 5 tick range bar | Crude Oil

6E = 4 tick range bar | EUR\USD

TF = 6 tick range bar | Russell 2000

GC = 8 tick range bar | Gold

FDAX = 8 tick range bar | DAX

FESX = 8 tick range bar | STOXX 50

YM = 8 tick range bar | Dow 30