the false signal just became an endangered species...

Whether you are a Fib trader, or use Elliott Wave, or moving average crossovers - you are going to have to deal with false signals.

 In this stream, using NinjaTrader 8 (beta), we have color coded the bars predicated on the whether the order flow associated with the relevant price ladder is lightly to heavily supply driven, lightly to heavily demand driven, a reversal in the order book from either selling to buying or from buying to selling, or whether there was downright exhaustion in the order book.

Note | This is a 10 minute delayed stream.  

This stream is available in 1080 HD | Expand the stream using the button in the lower right corner for larger view.


You can layer the information surfaced via or Order Flow Bars onto any existing setup in order to help mitigate the inevitable false signals that we have all had to deal with.

For instance, if you get a 'Buy' signal from your setup but these Order Flow Bars indicate that the trade is dominated by selling, you may want to consider standing down from this 'Buy' signal.

You can then wait for a 'Buy' signal and only enter when you know that under the hood of the market, 'they' too are buying.

Make sense?

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 NinjaTrader 8 | Screaming Order Flow Processing via our ‘Better Data Suite’

Our Better Data Suite has been engineered specifically for NinjaTrader 8 and is comprised of 3 modules.

Module 1 | Order Flow Bars – Provide real-time visualization about imbalances in Supply & Demand.

Module 2 | Better Forks – Andrew’s Pitchforks which are automatically drawn and updated for you.  These automated forks provide outstanding entry and target locations

Module 3 | Better Levels – The levels provide an extra layer

When these 3 modules are combined they provide a holistic approach to viewing the market as they not only dynamically map out market structure, profit targets, support and resistance levels, they also can pierce into order flow to provide you with real-time insights into if the current market structure and price action will be maintained, or if it will crumble


 A Holistic Approach to Mapping the Market and Managing Trades

The Better Data Suite integrates 3 modules in order to provide a holistic view of the market to enable you to readily understand and maintain the type of situational awareness needed in today's markets.

Order Flow Bars | Code complete – Functional in NinjaTrader 8.0.05

Better Forks & Better Levels | Code complete – Functionality is pending a NinjaTrader bug fix with regards to NinjaTrader’s Chart Drawing Object to function.  The NinjaTrader development team has completed the fix for this bug and anticipates the release of this fix in the next beta version 8.0.06.

Taken together, these 3 modules provide you with a market structure map that provides trade entry locations corroborated by order flow as well as likely targets.

A few of our customers have gotten their hands on our new Order Flow Bars, which are part of our new Better Data Suite for NinjaTrader 8 and they are going bonkers.

"I have gone through about a week's worth of charts, and so far THESE BARS LOOK AMAZING!"

"I am pretty much blown away."

"I spent 7 hours yesterday going over the NQ and ES chart with Order Flow Bars....Users of MktDelta and OFA may be converting."

"So far I am drooling."

 NinjaTrader 8 | What the fuss is all about...

Well, well, well…the day is finally here.   The beta of NinjaTrader 8 is now available.

And the traders that I know who have tinkered with it are salivating.

NinjaTrader 8 has some insane capabilities that will allow day traders to have access to advanced order flow algorithms in a class that currently only professional quant shops enjoy.

You see, NinjaTrader 8 has millisecond time stamps accompanied by discrete and stable access to bid\ask data.

These features make granular analysis of order flow viable.

We have completed our prototype of our new Order Flow Bars and they run very fast, and are very accurate using the NinjaTrader 8 beta.

Order Flow Bars allow you instant information about imbalances in Supply & Demand.

Imbalances in Supply & Demand are the driving factor in the Price Discovery process.

You can use Order Flow Bars to enter an existing trend, trade reversals, and scalp to your heart’s content.

The images below contain a sneak preview of Order Flow Bars in NinjaTrader 8.  

These screenshots show how to enter an existing trend using Order Flow Bars. 

This approach combines the Elliott Wave concept of an A-B-C Corrective Wave & Order Flow Exhaustion.

In these examples there is an existing trend, and then an A-B-C corrective wave plays out.

You will notice that at the apex of the C portion of the A-B-C wave, our Order Flow Bars show exhaustion in the tape (order flow).

This counter-trend exhaustion sets up the resumption of the trend:

Entering a Trend - ABC - Emptying of Order Bookplugins/system/jcemediabox/img/zoom-img.png

Entering a Trend - ABC - Emptying of Order Bookplugins/system/jcemediabox/img/zoom-img.png

Entering a Trend - ABC - Emptying of Order Bookplugins/system/jcemediabox/img/zoom-img.png

How cool is that?

These new Order Flow Bars answer the age old question, “How do I safely enter an existing trend just at the right tick?”

The …sceeto Better Data Suite for NinjaTrader 8 is comprised of 3 modules.  2 modules focus on market structure and 1 module focuses on order flow.

Taken together, these 3 modules provide you with a market structure map that provides trade entry locations corroborated by order flow, and likely targets.

We have completed the bulk of the development for the Order Flow Bars module and are working on the remaining 2 modules – which will automatically define market structure and price extensions.

 Want Early Access?

If you would like a 50% discount on an annual subscription of our Better Data Suite for NinjaTrader 8 you can sign-up below for $997.50

Once we launch our offering, we are estimating that annual subcriptions will be offered for $1,995.

We will soon be offering a Better Data Suite Pro, which will be offered at a minimum of $4,995 with a $299\month maintenance fee (maintenance will not be charged for the first year of your access). 

The distinction between our Better Data Suite offering and the Better Data Suite Pro offering is that licensees of the Better Data Suite Pro offering will be able to programmatically access the output of the Better Data Bars in order to enable automated trade execution.

At first, the data feeds did not provide millisecond time stamps nor did they allow for calculations that could include discrete inside bid and ask data at that level of granularity, and now they do.

As the market leader in order flow monitoring algorithms, we here at ...sceeto have been dealing with this very discrete data for over a decade and have tremendous insights into how to write algorithms that can sniff out actionable insights from this data.

Prior to the release of NinjaTrader 8, we began creating a new suite of algorithms that would leverage the power of NinjaTrader 8.

The color coding that you see here is part of a suite of algorithms that we are readying for release.

This kind of data analysis will expose you to advantages that were previously unavailable to the general public.

Here's a breakout of a wedge in today's ES as visualized via our Better Data Bars, which take advantage of all that NinjaTrader 8 has to offer in terms of millisecond time stamps:

ES Wedge Breakout 22 SEP 2015

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