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Thanks for considering a new approach to trading.

For a 14 day free-trial please complete the form below (no credit card necessary).


If you would like to subscribe SceetoBots are available for $47 per market/month for each computer that you are running them on.

SceetoBots includes:

  • SceetoBots Designer
  • SceetoBots Launch Pad
  • Order Flow Congruence
  • Tape Meter
  • MacDaddy
  • Range Expansion
  • Momentum Alert
  • Unlimited SceetoBots
Sweep and Book Pressure, are available as add-on package for $47/month for each suscribed market  for each computer that you are running them on.

During your trial period, you will have access to all markets and all algorithms.

If you need help, please reach out to us here.

Note - After you register, you should receive an e-mail requesting that you authenticate your account.  If you do not receive this e-mail, please check your Spam folder.  

If the e-mail is not in your Spam folder, please open a help desk ticket here.

If you do not already have Sierra Chart, you can get a free-trial here.

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