Better Data Suite | A Holistic Approach to Mapping the Market and Managing Trades

The Better Data Suite
integrates 3 modules in order to provide a holistic view of the market enabling you to readily understand and maintain the type of situational awareness needed in today's markets.

An integrated toolset that enables traders to use independent, unrelated sources to "converge" their analysis to a strong conclusion. Methods include Order Flow, Action Reaction, and Support & Resistance.

The Better Data Suite dynamically maps out market structure, profit targets, and Support & Resistance levels while piercing into order flow to provide you with real-time insights into whether the current market structure, price action, will be maintained - or if it will crumble.

Order Flow Bars
| Provides real-time visualization about imbalances in Supply & Demand. This utility color codes each price bar according to metrics derived from the order flow that transacts within the bar.

The algorithms that manage this data take advantage of millisecond shifts between the bid and the ask prices.

Better Forks
| Andrew’s Pitchforks which are automatically drawn and updated for you. These automated forks provide outstanding entry and target locations.

Better Levels
| Better Levels take advantage of extrapolations from session, and intra-session, levels. This toolset enables the trader to readily co-mingle intra-day level extrapolations with prior day intra-day level extrapolations with a few mouse clicks.

For instance, a trader can now readily overlay the prior day’s Better Levels for the Regular Trading Hours (RTH) session with the most recent overnight session, and also the current day’s RTH.

In this configuration the overnight and prior day RTH session will be hardened, while the current day session Better Levels will update in real-time.

This gives the trader both a static and dynamic view of support and resistance. When these levels are tested, a trader can get real-time insight into the durability of these levels by referring to the color-coded Order Flow Bars.

Taken together, these 3 modules provide you with a market structure map that provides trade entry locations corroborated by order flow as well as likely targets.

If you need assistance with installing BDS please schedule a time here.

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