...sceeto will change the way you look at the market, how you ponder changes in price, and how you trade.

...sceeto is about offering market data and insights geared specifically for today's electronic markets.

In all markets changes in Price are a function of changes in Supply & Demand.

In the electronic markets that we trade, Supply & Demand is a function of Order Flow.

In today's electronic markets, Order Flow is is a function of Trading Bot activity.

In today's electronic markets it is estimated that over 70% of all transactions are managed by automated algorithmic trading bots.

Helping to parse and analyze all of this very large, fast, and magnificent Trading Bot data traffic is where ...sceeto comes in.

We have been studying order flow in the electronic markets for a decade and from this have learned many key insights.

We have written ...sceeto to surface core information about these insights in real-time so that you can piggy-back on the dominant order flow that is moving the market right now.

For you to be able to take advantage of the bot information that we harvest you will need to learn, and be adept with, a few key ...sceeto concepts.

As  prerequisite to trading with ...sceeto, you should also be comfortable with trading, technical analysis, and your current trading platform.

Key Concepts:

  • Price Discovery
  • Supply & Demand
  • Trading Bot Rotation
  • Trading Bot Battles
  • Order Books


The Basics:

1. Be patient. You must learn the basics first. Then you can trade and make consistent money.

2. Learn a few of our key order flow algorithms, understand what they are monitoring, and get familiar with the insights that they are harvesting.  You can do this by watching some of our videos:

MacDaddy | Basics & 5 Easy Set-Ups



3. Train your eye to readily interpret our unique data.

The Specifics:

1. Learn how market turns are invoked when the Trading Bots rotate from Buying to Selling, and when the Trading Bots rotate from Selling to Buying.

2. Learn how to monitor our algorithms for key spots to enter a trade in the direction of a trend.

3. Learn the insights into the exact tick-level price that you should enter your trade.

4. Learn how to place a specific Stop & Target for each trade.


1. Take one or more of our trade setups that you think best fits your trading style.

2. Implement these setups by following the specific rules.

3. Take journal notes of your setups, overall market conditions, trade entries, stops and targets.

4. Review your progress and continually look for areas of improvement.


1. Once you are comfortable with a trading strategy and are trading it profitably in simulation implement this same strategy in your trading account.

2. Take journal notes of your setups, overall market conditions, trade entries, stops and targets.

3. Review your progress and continually look for areas of improvement

Steps 2 & 3 were followed during your practice period and should be continued throughout your trading career.

By using our approach you will be amazed at how quickly you come up to speed on using …sceeto.

One thing to really get excited about is that …sceeto trades are concluded quickly.

You are in and out of trades quickly because …sceeto allows you to monitor, in real-time, when a substantive imbalance in Supply & Demand is forming, and …sceeto also allows you to know precisely when this Supply & Demand imbalance is likely to force Price take to make a mad dash in search of liquidity in order to bring Supply & Demand back to equilibrium.

With …sceeto, you needn’t spend your entire day baby-sitting a trade.

When trading with …sceeto you will spend significantly more time sitting in cash and not trading, then you will be riding out lengthy, stressful trades which may or may not, pan out.

Top 10 Key Things To Understanding About …sceeto:

1. We allow you to trade with the trend.

2. We give you specific insight to when a new trend is likely beginning – This allows you to enter your trades early and enter them safely.

3. We allow you precise entries to safely enter a trend.

4. We provide you with the tools necessary to look under the hood of the market so that you can watch in real-time the very unique footprints that order flow and trade execution leaves at market turns.

5. Our setups that evolve into trade entries are quite unique in that the trade setup takes significantly longer to develop than the length of your actual trade takes to transpire.

6. Our setups monitor very specific order flow events. When these very specific order flow events transpire in specific sequences, they create a significant imbalance in the current Supply & Demand of futures contracts.

7. As in any market, whether it is a commodities market, the real estate market, or the pizza market, changes in Price are always of function of changes in Supply & Demand. If there is an imbalance between Supply & Demand then Price will change to accommodate this demand.

8. We host free training events.

9. There is a 10 day-free trial.

10. We are here to help.

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