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Friday, Oct 24th

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Last Updated (Tuesday, 25 December 2012 20:13) Written by Carl Weiss Thursday, 29 November 2012 15:25

Follow The Bots | How To Read Modern Tape | Training Enrollment

"Follow The Bots" Educational Training Series

Modern Tape Reading Insights For Today's HFT Dominated Electronic Markets.

This series is held over the course of two workshops.

Each workshop is offered on two different days of the week in order to accommodate registrant's schedules.



Workshop Session 01
...sceeto Algorithms

January 17th (Thursday)  & 19th (Saturday)

10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. EST

    • Understanding the End Goal | Enabling You To Follow The Bots
    • Supply & Demand | How it is applicable to day-trading
    • Top Down Methodology
    • …sceeto’s algos | Overview & Drill Down

Workshop Session 02
"Follow The Bots" Setups & Trade Management

January 24th (Thursday)  & 26th (Saturday)

10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. EST

    • "Follow The Bots" | Order Flow Behavioral Events Insights & Distinctions
    • Market Mapping
    • Integrating 3rd Party Tools & Setups
    • ...sceeto Setups & Trade Management


Students should:

  • Have 6+ months of active screen time.
  • Fluent in Technical Analysis
  • Fluent Trade Management
  • Comfortable with their trading platform setup

What this webinar is not:

  • This course is not your usual Technical Analysis course.
  • This course is not about walking you through a few ‘setups’.
  • This course is not for newbies.
  • This is not your Auntie’s stale, regurgitated Technical Analysis course.

What this webinar is:

This webinar is about teaching traders how to deal with today’s markets - which are dominated by Trading Bots.

This webinar is about Tape Reading...Modern Tape Reading.

The markets have changed since the days of yore.  Standard Technical Analysis simply does not work when the Trading Bots are flinging the market around.

This webinar is about exposing you to the possibility of Following The Bots.

This webinar is about exploiting the Achilles Heel of the Trading Bots and the Quant\Hedge\HFT community.

As Day Traders we will never be able to compete with execution speed and massive trading resources of Goldman Sachs, or Citadel, or Renaissance Technologies, or UBS, and know what they are about to do or why – but…we can follow their footprints and piggy-back their trades.

We can latch onto their thrust, which is the force that drives short-term price moves.

…this is what this webinar is about.


Training Series Tuition | $495.

(Seating is limited so please reserve your spot early)

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$300 Discount for Active ...sceeto Subscribers | Training Series Tuition | $195.

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Thanks for signing up.

We will be sending you some reading materials prior to class.
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