MacDaddy is an Order Flow Momentum algorithm.

MacDaddy will always offer earlier and faster signals than price momentum indicators for a few simple, timeless reasons:

For a Price Momentum indicator's output to be updated there must first be a change in Price since Momentum is a function of Price.

Hence, Momentum is categorized as a 'Lagging' indicator since it lags changes in Price.

As MacDaddy deduces changes in the momentum of Order Flow, which occur prior to changes in Price, it is categorized as a 'Leading' indicator.

The name MacDaddy is a spoof on MACD.  

You can trade MacDaddy in a similar fashion to MACD.   For instance, you can use higher highs in MacDaddy to show increasing momentum in an uptrend, or as a divergence indicator when a market is making new highs but MacDaddy is making lower highs.

Another killer use of MacDaddy is when there is a significant downtrend and MacDaddy makes massive BUY prints.   Uptrends that begin with massive MacDaddy explosions are usually sustained and very easy to trade.