A Jack of Small Trades

Ooh la la...ooh, la, la.  

Ooh, la, la, oh, Shit...

The masses are coming to Vermont.

Our wonderful bucolic existence her in the upper right-hand quadrant of the good ole US is in a downward spiral...even United Van Lines knows this.

Folks are leaving the the iron triangle of the tri-state area for more space, more clean air, less crime, and a path forward for their kindlings.

Why pay NJ taxes while staring into your neighbor's living room when you could be on a 20 acre spread in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom for a 1/2 the tag?

Mankind's migration history is concentrated in flights caused by plague, famine, political strife, religisous persecution, war, and other horrible day-to-days.

The next great migration within the continental U.S. will be spurned by the coupling of the saturation of internet availability in rural northeast U.S. and the wake-upedness of those tech folks who work at home in N.Y., N.J. & CT who now know that they can sit on the same freakin conference call from a home office in VT as they can in in N.J.

People migrate in droves and in trickles...but not by anything in between.

People are about to wake up to the day-to-day realities of global warming...and those who have geographical vocational flexibility are packing up their tchotchkes, and the kiddies, and heading up north.