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I am pleased to announce my participation in 10 Techniques for Beating the Bots, an eBook that covers in-depth analysis of today's volatile markets, and what you can do about it as a trader.  

The chapter that I authored, is gleaned as an excerpt from my completed, but as-yet-to-be-published book, "How to Trade Head and Shoulders Patterns Using Order Flow".

I've come together with nine (9) other industry veterans to share our techniques and recommendations for trading markets alongside algorithmic quants, high frequency traders, and automated trading systems.

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Some of the questions we answer include:

How does a regular trader find a tradable edge in high-tech, automated trading environments?
Where is the better data that can be leveraged into trading day patterns?
Can I learn the directional bias that big market makers use to find trades?  
...and much, much more!

On top of getting this incredible collection of insight, for a limited time everyone that signs up for a copy of this eBook gets a free trading strategy of their choosing.

Grab your copy of 10 Techniques for Beating the Bots for free today.

All the best,

Carl Weiss

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