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If you would like a free copy of the Cheat Sheet for our upcoming e-book, please fill out this form. Section 03 | Trading PALS – Price Action, Levels, …sceeto Putting it all together into a Trading Strategy Why PALS? … Continue reading

The right shoulder trade location in this setup was, in and of itself, quite tradeable. Note – The breach bar did not have any Order Flow Monitor bullish events, but did have a slew of other bullish order flow indications.

Same pattern documented here and inverted for a short trade here.

The red spike in WIND at the low pivot is very interesting to me…we see this frequently. The takeaway from this red spike in WIND is that the there was a concomitant rotation of trading bots across the entire spectrum … Continue reading

Here’s a trade we teed up on Thursday evening in our Daily Market Structure post. The ‘under the hood’ market data that we monitor, and report on, tells a very consistent story.  Here is a classic example of how the … Continue reading

Important Trading Insight | This is the same order flow behavior documented on 16-MAY-2014 here.  This is a standard recurring setup, with accompanying follow through HFT behavior. Hope this helps.