A Jack of Small Trades

During this morning's briefing we dove down into sweeps of the order book, how these sweeps impacted Crude the S&P 500, and the British Pound, and what SceetoBot configurations are optimized for hunting down and trading these types of order flow events.

We also discussed using a SceetoBot, when/if, Gold reached the algorithmically derived 1264 level.

This bot sat patiently in the green zone for over 3 hours before it pounced - which allowed me to free from being chained to my monitor.

Here's how that bot panned out in real-time simulation mode:

GC SceetoBot Trading a Algorithmically Defined Support Level

We will continue this analysis tomorrow.

A Head's Up - We have a new video that discusses the concept of Hybrid Trading.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

Join us Wednesday morning, April 26th @ 8:00 AM ET, to review the primary futures markets, their structure, potential price trajectories, and what configurable trading bots might be applicable for the day's environment. 

You can register here:


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Carl Weiss
Algorithmic Architect @ ...sceeto

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Legal Disclaimer

There is a risk of loss in futures, forex and options trading. There is risk of loss trading futures, forex and options online. Please trade with capital you can afford to lose. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

These SceetoBots are linked to dynamic ES levels, in this instance, Ludwig Levels, and will engage in a trade when both price is within the level zone and some material order flow event, such as a Sweep of the Order Book beyond a certain threshold, occurs within the zone.

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