A Jack of Small Trades

These SceetoBots are linked to dynamic ES levels, in this instance, Ludwig Levels, and will engage in a trade when both price is within the level zone and some material order flow event, such as a Sweep of the Order Book beyond a certain threshold, occurs within the zone.

Feel free to pick up a free 7 day trial of SceetoBots here.

In preparation for the soft-launch of SceetoBots, we are kicking off our Hybrid Trading webinar series on Thursday, April 20th @ 12:00 PM ET with a a tutorial on the core SceetoBot configuration and deployment components.
SceetoBots are re-configurable automated trading bots that follow whatever strategy that they are instructed the bots to execute.

SceetoBots ingest order flow, market structure, technical analysis, and price action, and will pounce at the appropriate millisecond to execute the Hybrid Trader's strategy.

There is no programming necessary with SceetoBots.  

SceetoBots don't get fatigued, they don't take coffee breaks, nor do they get distracted by their smartphone.

SceetoBot Designer

SceetoBot Designer Panel

SceetoBot Launch Pad

SceetoBot Launch Pad

These components require no programming.  

Feel free to pick up a 7 day free-trial of SceetoBots prior to the webinar so that you can follow along on your own trading machine.

We will also review as many of the following SceetoBot configurations as possible (Note - We are scheduling future webinars were we will do deeps dive into each SceetoBot setup)

  • Support & Resistance Levels 
  • Buying & Selling Climaxes
  • Trend Traders
  • Scalping
  • Mean Reversion
  • Head & Shoulders Patterns
  • Elliott Wave
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Range Expansion
  • Breakouts  

You can register for this event here.

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