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NinjaTrader is graciously hosting a workshop for us to showcase our new offering for NinjaTrader 8 (beta) on February 10th @ 4:15 p.m eastern.

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The new offering is a suite of tools that allows a trader 3 ways to analyze market data.

1) Levels
2) Forks
3) Order Flow

Any one of these components can provide a trader with important insights...however, when takend together, a market panorama is exposed.

Feel free to take a trial.  You will need a beta version of NinjaTrader 8.


03-FEB-2016 | ES

1)   In this afternoon's example of a Head & Shoulders pattern using a 4 tick range bar in the forward e-Mini S&P 500 electronic futures contract, the ES had been in an downtrend since Wednesday Februrary 3rd 3:10 pm. EDT.

2) A -1 Standard Deviation Downtick Ratio and a High Frequency Sell Surge ocurred just before the Head.  A reversal in MacDaddy occurs just after the head. These indications in the tape point to exhaustion.

3)   Our right shoulder with a left strengh of at least 5 occurs at 3:40p.m. EDT. The right shoulder is accompanied by a  -2 standard deviation Downtick ratio and a Red Spike in Macdaddy. Immediately after the Right shoulder MacDaddy resumes to the buying side. We also have another +1 Standard Deviation Uptick Ratio indication. These indications point to Conclusionary selling and new fuel. 

4)  additonal New fuel indications occur as the move progresses. MacDaddy is strong green after the right shoulder. MacDaddy shows a few resumption spikes as the move continues. We also have a plethora of long indications on the tape. Multiple indications of Long Strong Tape Imbalance, Long Order Book Swept, Long High-Frequency trading Buy Surge, +1& +2 Standard Deviation Uptick Ratios, +2 Standard Deviation Volume Ratios, and +2 Standard Deviation # or Trades Ratios occur.  These indications in the tape point to New Fuel.

 12.09.15 1st Rt shoulder

For a deeper dive into how to use Better Data trade the Right Shoulder of a Head & Shoulders pattern click here.


The supporting order flow data that is presented on this page was generated by ...sceeto.

If you find this type of information and trading approach, as interesting as we do, please feel free to take a free trial of ...sceeto.

If you are curious about incorporating Better Data into your trading, please feel free to set up a complimentary consulting call here.

Marvin Gaye once asked the simple question, "What's going on?" and the answer, at least for us in 2016, is 'a boatload'. 

As you may know, we released an early version of software for NinjaTrader 8 that took advantage of millisecond time stamps...and we now have a updated version ready for your review. 

This new version mitigates the earlier bugs, is slamming, and is available for you to tinker with. 

Also, a dual TradeOps beta was launched this morning, Monday 04-JAN-2016

There is a lot of nuance and detail in our new offerings which provide an insane amount of goodies for you to plow through. 

If you are interested in what's on deck for 2016 please carve out some time to invest in yourself and join us at noon (EST) on Friday 08-JAN-2015. 

Join us for a webinar on Jan 08, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST.

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Carl Weiss
Algorithmic Architect @ ...sceeto

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Expectations for first day of TradeOps Beta | 04-JAN-2016

We will be running two configurations of our 1.61 build.

The TradeOps Beta 1.61 test symbols are:



We will also be running a 1.7x build in alpha mode.  

It is our expectation that the 1.7x build will be promoted to beta sometime this week.

You are welcome to participate in this beta.

Installation artifacts and instructions are here.

If you need assistance, setting up TradeOps beta, please feel free to open a help desk ticket here.