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Thursday, Sep 18th

...sceeto insights

I have sceeto running on 400 ticks and its AWESOME. I am so excited I am having a hard time containing myself so I have to walk away for a moment to calm down and focus on my trading strategy and get back to business.

James B.


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7 Incredible Facts That Could Make HFT Your Best Trading Pal.


1)    You are not going to write trading algorithms that are smarter than those being produced by the top HFT players.

2)    You are not going to get your orders filled faster than the top HFT players.

3)    The HFT players have better, more informed information, and are using this against you.

4)    The HFT players are a tad more capitalized than you.

5)    The HFT players do not make emotional decisions in the heat of the moment.  All of their moves are algorithmically calculated and executed.

6)    These better informed, faster, more capitalized HFT players are the counter-party to your trades…do you really want to go toe-to-toe with them?

7)    You can take advantage of the magnificent effort of the entire HFT community by simply following their trades.

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Same Setup - Different Day



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